1. The goods will be sent to the Buyer within 1-2 working days from the receipt of payment.

    2. The ordered goods are delivered via DPD couriers, the delivery address is indicated in the comments when placing the order. Delivery time 2-5 days.

    3. In case the Buyer chooses delivery to the DPD Pickup terminal, the comments indicate the selected DPD Pickup terminal to which the goods will be sent. Delivery time 2-5 days. 

    4. Free delivery when buying for 40.00 Eur and more

    5. Delivery to Neringa – 15 Eur.

    6. We do not deliver goods abroad.



  1. All data of the goods sold in the e-shop are indicated in the product description attached to each product.

    1. The quantities of goods shown in the store in the photos are not always related to the price of the goods – the price of more than one unit of goods may be displayed.

    2. The units of measurement are specified in the product description. 

    3. The color of the goods may vary slightly depending on the monitor used by the Customer.

  1. According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the Buyer may return the goods within 14 days from the date of acquisition.

  2. If the goods returned by the Buyer comply with all return rules, the Seller shall transfer the paid money to the Buyer’s account within 14 working days. If the return rules have been violated, the money will not be refunded. The Buyer and the Seller agree on the delivery and collection of the goods by e-mail

  3. If a violation of the packaging of the consignment is established, the Buyer must take a photo of the damaged packaging without opening the consignment and inform the Seller about it as soon as possible, but not later than within 3 days of receiving the consignment by e-mail

  4. If the quantity (quality) and assortment (s) of the goods in the consignment are found to be inconsistent, the Buyer shall inform the Seller by e-mail The letter contains the order number, the reason for contacting and the Buyer’s contact information.

  5. If it is established that the goods have been sent of incorrect quality, the Seller shall pay the return costs and send the ordered goods as soon as the returned goods are received.

  6. It should be noted that high-quality cosmetic products are not exchanged or taken back – the legal basis of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania June 11 Resolution no. 697 “On the Approval of Retail Trade Rules” and Paragraph 4 of Article 6.362 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

  7. The following conditions must be met when returning the goods:

    1. the returned goods must be in the original neat packaging, unless the packaging is damaged before delivery to the Buyer;

    2. the goods must not be opened and otherwise not damaged by the Buyer;

    3. the product must not have lost its commercial appearance (undamaged label, peel-off protective film, etc.);

    4. the returned product must be in the same configuration as it was received by the Buyer, and the gifts received for the purchase must be returned. 


  1. The client must be an adult.
  2. The customer must place an order in the E-shop without registration.
  3. The customer undertakes to provide only correct and complete data in the purchase form. The client is responsible for their correctness. If the data specified in the purchase form changes, the Customer must update them immediately.
  4. The customer undertakes to use the online store fairly and correctly, without compromising its operation or stable operation. If the Customer fails to comply with this obligation, the Seller has the right to limit, suspend (terminate) the Customer’s access to the online store without prior notice and is not liable for any related losses of the Customer.
  5. The Customer must pay for the ordered Goods and accept them in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules.
  6. Notwithstanding the obligations set forth in other clauses of the Rules, the Customer undertakes to inspect the Product and make sure that the received Product is the one ordered by the Customer before using the Product (including its assembly, installation, etc.).
  7. The Client must comply with other requirements established in these Rules and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.


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  2.  All textual and graphic content on the Website is the property of UAB “Domanija” and/or its suppliers.

  3. Content from the Website may be reprinted, copied or reproduced in any form (including translation) only with the written permission of UAB “Domanija”.

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  5. The use of the information and related graphic images available on the Website must be in accordance with the following instructions:

    1. Indicatation that the copyright belongs to UAB ” Domanija” or its suppliers and partners.

    2. The content and related graphic images contained on the Website may be used for informational, non-commercial and personal purposes only.

    3. The graphic images on the Website may not be used separately, without the accompanying text.

    4. No additional elements may be added to the graphic images on the Website.