Dr. Vranjes Firenze decor candle ONICE – ROSA TABACCO

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The Damask Rose, also known as the Turkish Rose, with its citrus & powdery nuances, evokes the lasting memory of the first encounter, made up of unique & contrasting emotions.   The heart notes of tobacco & amber warms & envelops, as only true love can do. Onice - Rosa Tabacco decor candle will fill your spaces with warm energy.

Olfactory: rose / tabacco / vanilla

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Let your senses vibrate with the exclusive Dr. Vranjes Firenze candle collection, the authenticity of which comes from Florence, full of beauty. The innovative combination of pure essences, certified wax and cotton wicks makes this peace even more magical and harmonious.
The design of each vase is handmade, making each piece unique. You can choose from several different sizes, 5 scents and 4 amazing colors that were inspired by the most luxurious materials: pearl, tourmaline, gold and onyx.

Decorate your home in style, creating an enchanting atmosphere every day.


Decorative candles



How to use


1. Before lighting, the candle must be placed in a vertical position on a flat, horizontal and heat-resistant surface.

2. Do not place the candle on a polished, varnished or painted surface, on electrical equipment, near or over sources of heat.
3. Do not place the candle near air currents.
4. Upon the first lighting, cut the wick, leaving a length of at least 1.5 cm.
5. From the second time onwards of lighting the candle, it is advisable to mildly cut the wick, always maintaining a length of at least 1.5 cm.
6. Never light the candle on or near flammable materials.
7. Keep candles burning away from children and pets.
8. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
9. Make sure that the melted wax is free of matches and other debris to avoid flames.
10. Make sure that the wax melts up to the walls of the candle.
11. Always leave a space of at least 15 cm between two lit candles.
12. Do not move a lit candle.
13. Always extinguish the flame. Don't blow on it.
14. Never use liquid to extinguish a candle.


Dr. Vranjes Firenze candles guarantee the highest safety standards, however, as with all flames, it is necessary to use them correctly to ensure your own safety and that of your home.

Please read the folowing information carefully before use:
- Completely remove all packaging before lighting the candle.
- Do not light the candle if the glass is broken or otherwise damaged; in this case it is advisable to contact the retailer.
- Before leaving the room, make sure that the candle is completely extinguished and that the wick is no longer burning.
- Do not dispose of the candle normally . Dispose of the contents / container in authorised waste disposal centres, in accordance with local regulations.
They can be toxic to aquatic organisms and cause long lasting effects.


Candlewick nr.:
80 g candle: 1 candlewick
200 g candle: 1 candlewick
500 g candle: 4 candlewick
1000 g candle: 6 candlewick

Base (Ø) x Height (cm):
80 g: 6,2×6,8 cm
200 g: 9×9 cm
500 g: 12×12 cm
1000 g: 15×17 cm

Burning time:
80 g: up to 18 hours
200 g: up to 35 hours
500 g: : up to 70 hours
1000 g: : up to 120 hours