Dr. Vranjes Firenze lamparfum refill


Dr. Vranjes Firenze aromatinės lempos 500 ml papildymas

Lamparfum refill is one of the many Dr. Vranjes Firenze products of exceptional quality, which enrich the house with elegance and inspire with new energy.

The perfumed catalytic lamp contains highly concentrated natural fragrances, designed to guarantee rapid and intense diffusion of scent through catalytic combustion (20-60 minutes).

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Lamparfum refill

Base Ø x Height:
6 x 22 cm

How to use

How to use:

1. Place the Lamparfum on a stable surface, away from heat sources and lift both caps.
2. Pour 1/3 of the liquid (about 165 ml) from the refill into the lamp, using the funnel. Be careful not to spill too much liquid. If overfilled, the wick absorbs too much liquid and the burner becomes too damp, therefore causing malfunction.
3. Put the wick in the lamp, cover with the metal cap and wait until the wick is sufficiently soaked.
4. Light the burner for a few minutes.
5. Blow out the flame at a suitable distance when the stone has become light gray and the flame has decreased.
6. Place the perforated cap on the Lamparfum as protection and let it work to neutralise odours and bacteria.
7. Reposition the metal cap on the wick to extinguish the lamp completely.


Choose one of 4 lamparfum refill scents:

A rich, intoxicating fragrance with elegant, oriental notes. Amber and Iris Flower are joined by Cistus, Patchouly, Labdanum, Sandalwood and Vanilla to create this elegant, sophisticated fragrance.

Ginger Lime
The juicy, zesty notes of Lemon and Lime, combined with Ginger Root and enriched by Vetiver and White Pepper, make this fragrance juicy and zesty.

Rosso Nobile
Inspired by a Tuscan red wine, Rosso Nobile is a sublime combination between the sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries, the soft notes of violet and magnolia, and tannin invoking birch wood.

Oud Nobile
In this ambient fragrance, the delicate Oud resin and the Middle Eastern hints of incense and myrrh, blend with the Mediterranean bergamot, creating an olfactory bridge between East and West.