Air purification and perfuming system, with antibacterial action. An alternative and sophisticated Dr.Vranjes solution created by artisans in Tuscany.

Lamparfum is available in glass-crystal, ceramic and in limited edition.

Lamparfum refills are highly concentrated with natural essences and are 5 times more concentrated than the competition. Available in these fragrances:
Acqua, Aria, Fuoco, Terra - Ambra, Spezie Rare, Ginger Lime - Melograno, Arancio Cannella, Vaniglia Mandarino, Fico Selvatico - Limone e Mandarino, Fiori di Iris e Ginestra, Melograno e Menta, Arancio e Uva Rossa - Lavanda e Timo with antiseptic and
antimicrobial action – Anti-mosquitoes with Citronella, Menta e Lavanda essential oils - Neutra, for an air purifying action without fragrances - Rosso Nobile.