About Us

All homes are meant to live in them, and the living itself is an art, improving, dreaming and searching for new details every day.

Then we often remember our seen pleasant views, sounds we heard, scents we smelled. By combining all these senses into one aggregate we try to create our life-style, pleasant for our body as well as our soul. This choice endorses us with the knowledge about our surrounding beauty that is independent to time. Only our imagination chooses new styles and things that later live on in our homes.

We strive for elegancy – a concept that belongs to every epoch. Saturated with ancient traditions and mysteries, filled with details and temptations inspired by experience of generations, old streets and nature breath…

The same old elegancy, adapted to modern taste or technologically adapted, refined, looking at life with different eyes.

But we always search for quality and originality, traditions repeating or something moderately infective.

Domani in Italian means tomorrow, manija – passion or attraction.

Domanija – creating homes of tomorrow with passion.